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By reselling your stories on our global marketplace.

Additional Revenue

Sell your content to multiple clients and language regions to generate extra income.

Global Readers

Amplify your voice by making your content available to international publications.

Brand Recognition

Turn your publication into an internationally acclaimed brand by collaborating with clients worldwide.

Make your stories travel the globe.

Add articles
You select, we list.
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In defined language regions.
To our international clients.
Sit back
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Common Questions.

Find more details in our FAQs for Selling Publishers or send an email!
Can I check out the marketplace before signing up?

Of course! Schedule a demo here, and our team will gladly give you a personal tour of our product.

What does it cost?

Offering your content through The Story Market does not involve any costs. We will deduct a 30% sales fee only whenever you sell a license. The same article can be bought several times for different languages or media. You will receive the remaining 70% within 14 days after the client has transferred the money to us. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to

What kind of content can I sell?

Our focus is on up-to-date, in-depth stories like features and interviews or evergreen content like guides rather than news or op-eds. Science, tech, lifestyle or politics – the topic doesn’t matter as long as the article appeals to an international audience.

At the moment, you can only list text with or without images on the marketplace. But we plan to add photo, video, and audio content in the future.

How does the payment work?

We’ll send your funds to the you add to your profile latest after 30 days. As we underlie European jurisdiction, we’re not allowed to transfer money directly to our users as a marketplace. Therefore, we’re working with the payment provider Mangopay, a French bank Credit Mutuel branch. You get a notification whenever you sell an article, and an invoice is created in your name. This is why we need your seller information before your listings can go online.

Please check every invoice and send an email to within 48 hours if we need to correct it. We can only transfer money to members who have been KYC validated and to bank accounts that allow direct international transactions in Euros. If your bank doesn’t work internationally or you want to save banking fees, you may open a free Wise account. You can find more information here.