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Additional Income

Make more money by selling an article twice or even multiple times into different languages.


Expand your portfolio to editors in other countries. Language or familiarity with the country's publishing industry is no longer a barrier.

More Readers

Reach more readers no matter where they live or what language they speak.

How it works.

Upload story
Manually or via our crawler
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The way your contracts allow.
Get paid
Fully automated.
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Meet some of our highly talented journalists

“I listed a story I'd recently written for The Guardian about New Zealand's endangered kākāpō and it promptly sold to Germany. I've found working with Lena to be a fun and streamlined experience.”

Kate Evans, science journalist from New Zealand

“As a freelancer, reselling articles has always been a challenge—if not impossible. But The Story Market is legit; I have the cash to prove it.”

Michael Behar, freelance writer and editor from Colorado

“The Story Market is a good place to expand the impact of your reporting. It helps me reach out to wider audiences while getting extra money without doing anything."

Dyna Rochmyaningsih, science journalist from Indonesia

Common Questions.

Need more information? Check out our FAQs for Journalists or send an email!
How does this work?

After you sign up, we will review your portfolio and examine the quality of your writing. If you have been approved, you can go ahead and set up your profile. You can then list your first articles or let our bot do the job ;)

You will constantly receive an update whenever our bot finds one of your articles. We will suggest a price as well as the embargo period of that specific publication and ask for your okay to list the story. After that, the articles will go online without you having to do anything more. If we missed an article that you would like to list, you can its URL to our bot in the member area. Or you add it manually (e.g., if it has been published in print).

Find more detailed information in our FAQs for Journalists!

How much does your service cost?

While becoming a member and offering stories at The Story Market is FREE, we deduct a sales fee of 30% whenever we sell a license for one of your articles . We transfer the remaining 70% to your bank account within 14 days after the client has transferred the money to us. As we cover different language regions and customers need to buy a license for each media, your articles can be sold several times.

Which stories can I resell?

We syndicate all kinds of stories that are not breaking news and not too local. They should appeal to an international audience which is true for a story from a war-torn country but also a report on how AI is changing our societies.

We focus more on in-depth writing but also sell evergreen content. Interviews, features, How-to Guides, reports... all is fine, but columns are a difficult case as long as you are not Elon Musk ;)

Am I in general allowed to resell my stories?

If you can resell your articles depends on the agreement you signed with a publisher. You have three ways to find out:

1. Check your contracts yourself and get help from our blog post if you don't understand all terms.

2. Ask your commissioning editor at the publication about your rights.

3. Send over any contracts you would like us to check and our team has a look at clauses around copyright or an embargo period. We are happy to help!

You can also block all the publications that don’t allow you to resell your content in the crawler settings of your profile here. This way, you will not receive any suggestions for your stories published in these outlets.

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