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High Quality

Our journalists cover a variety of topics and regions. Their articles are ready to be published the moment you need them.

Easy Process

The Story Market takes care of all administrative work involved in international licensing: Contracts, Payments ...

Save Money

You buy the rights to republish a story in your language. You are often still the only one while paying a lower price.

Frequently asked questions.

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Can I get a trial access to the marketplace?

That's possible! You can schedule a demo here, where one of our team members will show you around our marketplace. We can discuss all your questions and needs in detail and see how we can tailor our service to your needs.

How does the pricing of the articles work?

Sellers can set the price. At the same time our own algorithm calculates a price based on multiple criteria such as the length of the piece or the original publication. For every article, we suggest the calculated price to the seller. This is why we have a vast price range between about €40-600.

How do I pay?

You can pay via credit card or bank transfer. Both times the full article will be accessible instantly. The Story Market handles payments via the payment platform Mangopay, a branch of the French bank Credit Mutuel, that has recently been nominated as “Best E-payment solution in Germany”. This is in order to follow European jurisdiction regarding anti-money-laundering efforts. You’ll find more information on that matter here.

After every order, you will receive a standardized invoice for the article you have licensed. If you have chosen payment via bank transfer, the corresponding bank account will remain the same no matter if you license articles from a journalist in the US, Sweden or Zimbabwe.

Do you also offer a translation service?

Absolutely! Our pool of experienced translating journalists will deliver the story ready to publish in your language within max. 48 hours. Whenever you buy an article you can instantly order a translation.

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