Tips for growing and building your publication

By Churchill Masheti

Multiple publications are struggling to get their fair share of readers and customers.  While it is no secret that the prestigious and well-established outlets sort of rule the industry, this doesn't mean that there is no room for the small or new publications to thrive. Many journals can bridge the gap between new exciting writers and the already existing and well-admired publications. But what does it take to be able to achieve such milestones? After this read, you will know some of the ways of building and growing your publication.

Extending your publication's reach

As much as there is no single formula for growing and building your publication, there are ways which, when well combined with the daily routine within a magazine, will enhance the growth of a publication. This means that one method may not necessarily lead to the optimal desired effect, but a combination of two or more ways may be commendable. However, here's the catch; you must do one thing well enough and make it part of your routine before engaging on the next move. It ensures gradual growth and helps you check possible changes you might need to make from a clear position instead of misjudged attempts. You can accomplish your goal to reach more people and therefore make more money by focussing on the following different strategies that involve your team, social media, and the content itself.

Tips for growing and building your publication
A team of talented and creative staff writers and freelance journalists will deliver content that boosts your publication (Daria Shevtsova/Pexels)

Giving priority to established writers

Working with established writers is one way of growing your publication. Thanks to their experience within the industry, established writers carry along with existing audiences. This puts the outlet in a position to grow by leveraging on the writer's available audience. Think about it, how beneficial would it be having several established writers for your publication?
However, there is a need to strike a balance such that there is room for the new and emerging writers who share good stories and have been able to gain a following owed to their work. Through that, your publication can connect new writers to readers they would otherwise not have reached, thus exposing your publication to a much wider audience. In some instances, though, say for the very new publications, working with less experienced writers may require significant resources, which may be strenuous to match.

Create a diverse group of writers for your publication

Have you thought of onboarding some of the many high-profile freelance journalists? Each of them has a specific skill-set that they are experts at and therefore can contribute immensely to the content of your publication. To enhance growth, it is essential to provide diverse content to take care of a wider audience. For instance, if one journalist is a brilliant interviewer and another takes good pictures, you must incorporate their efforts to increase the publication's reach. This will also help to ensure that your magazine has content at least for roughly everybody and not just limited to those who are interested in reading. Check out our tips on how to find great freelance journalists.

Consistency in publishing enhances your outlet's growth

Among the key things to pay attention to is the rate at which you publish articles. For more manageable growth, a publication needs to ensure a steady flow of published articles. This helps trigger a sense of expectation from your audience and constantly be on the lookout for the following articles to come. If your outlet can publish articles daily, that is even much better, although smaller publications might have challenges in this regard. Nevertheless, any magazine that aims to grow should strive to be in a position where relevant content is published daily. Many articles increase the probability of one going viral, bringing attention to the publication and issuing stories whenever they happen.
Nonetheless, quantity should never substitute quality, and thus, there is a need to prioritize quality. Sometimes exclusion of fewer quality writers should not be a surprising thing to do.

Connect your social accounts to your publications

Using your publication's social accounts such as Twitter or Instagram makes it possible to convert some users into automatic followers of your publication. It is usual for social accounts to have more followers than the publication for small publications, but this can also act as an opportunity for the publication's growth.
Similarly, whenever there is a new post, it is essential to share it across all the publication's social accounts to attract different kinds of feedback and comments. But make sure to adapt the content to the varying target groups you engage with. Publications can also use these platforms to give instant updates to followers without having to send an email. When there is a strong connection between social accounts and the journal, they complement each other to gain a bigger audience and realize growth.

Use the power of social media to understand your target group better and to focus on the content your users really want (cottonbro/Pexels)

Engaging your existing audience will grow your publication's reach

Any reader will feel appreciated whenever they receive a response on comments or sometimes questions that they may have regarding a story. It is a noble gesture and an excellent way to connect with users who take their time to read and comment on reports in your publication. Regardless of how big your audience is, engaging your readers greatly aids in building a publication's regulars.
Similarly, publishing stories that spark conversations coupled with responsive measures makes the audience feel much connected with your publication and want to become part of whatever is being published. In some instances, the constant engagement of your audience could cause interactions between users, making your publication more attractive, thus ensuring gradual growth.

Don't put all the emphasis on money

Even though publications can earn people reasonable amounts of money, it is not advisable to put this as a sole purpose, especially at the start. The focus always has to be on the larger goal of branding yourself towards being a more prominent publication, which will later help earn credibility among the audience members. This does not mean that magazines don't make money, but rather it takes a significant bit of hard work to realize the desired income from the publication. Trying to produce and share as much content for as cheap as it gets will be counterproductive. Instead, focus on unique, high-quality stories your readers can't get anywhere else and that they will take their time to read. With gradual development and planning for your publication, it makes your publication profitable as it grows.

Apart from these tips for growth, we at The Story Market help link the publishers to the best articles available internationally and at affordable rates. We also offer essential insights to publishers on content syndication and how to license and republish articles and more.

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