The 7 most popular types of journalism

by Hiba Naeem

Even before we learn to differentiate between the types of journalism, we must understand that journalism is quite integral for a democratic, free country to exist as it determines that the public is aware and informed of the events. Through gatekeeping, fact-checking and regulations, media organizations maintain authenticity in the news world. Media outlets, too, are in that sense diverse print, broadcast, radio, and online. Similarly, journalism categories are just as distinct too as news can be of two types: soft and hard. Hard news covers serious matters like politics and business. Whereas, soft news explores the range of entertainment, celebrities and so on. But what we carefully look at today are some of the most popular forms of journalism. If you're an upcoming (freelance) journalist this might help you with deciding on your niche.

The 7 most popular types of journalism

Investigative journalism

This primarily involves the more whistleblowing sources, who retain anonymity in matters of serious issues such as business, politics and even sports. These topics are usually uncovered to expose scams, fraudulent or malicious intents that have been curtailed from public view. While the stories may seem ‘exposing’ in nature, at the heart of any investigative story is adherence and commitment to truth. Some of the most popular political scandals have been uncovered through this form of reporting.

Watchdog journalism

Although it is easy to confuse watchdog journalism with investigative one, it should be remembered that the commitment here is more to hold institutions and organizations responsible for their acts. Corruption, illegal acts, and criminal activities are then monitored at the very heart of this category. The aim is then to simply protect society from ill activities.

The 7 most popular types of journalism

Sports journalism

As the name indicates, it involves sports-related events and topics. A common feature is that journalists and reporters are ones who have prior experience in the sports field. Thus, sports editors and reporters often share their expertise in the field. This also involves reporters providing sports commentary and views during national, local or international sports events.

Trade or Business journalism

It is common for business personnel or finance experts to share their expertise in financial turns and changes. Stocks, markets are often covered both locally and internationally. Any changes in the economy are then carefully analysed for their short and long-term impacts on the business world.

The 7 most popular types of journalism

Entertainment journalism

This falls under the category of soft news as mentioned earlier. Usually, the coverage is celebrity life, art festivals for film, music, and literature. The celebrity coverage enjoys great readership as it involves celebrity interviews, ad profiling. As a result, tabloids are a frequent feature in entertainment-based reporting.

Opinion journalism

As the name indicates, unlike news reporting, op-eds, reviews, the letter from the editors, and the advice column are based on the personal views and opinions of the writers. Here the journalists focus on their views rather than reporting news data and events. Therefore, their opinion on a particular subject or event. Thus, partly fact and partly view based. However, this should not be confused with column writing where the author or journalist’s personality is reflected in the piece and share their expertise on the matter.

How far has reporting evolved?

To explore how with time journalism has changed enormously, read more on our latest blog post. Unsurprisingly, the digital space has progressed just as much, too. One instance is how a startup like The Story Market is creating an innovative space for journalists and publishers in the media industry by connecting the two and smoothening the process of syndicating and reselling the articles to some of the most highly reputed publishing organizations in the industry.

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