Meet our Journalists @ The Story Market: Cathleen O'Grady

by Vanessa Plentinger

Born and raised in South Africa, Cathleen O'Grady discovered her love for science and writing early on. So, she decided to combine both of her passions and make a living out of them. The now Scotland-based freelance journalist contributes frequently to Science as well as other high-quality publications like National Geographic or The Atlantic. In her in-depth features and articles she covers all things science, environment and society: "I’m interested in how people use scientific evidence in real-world settings, like disaster preparedness or conservation. I'm also interested in how society shapes science, like by setting climate policy or bringing human foibles into the lab."

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"Careful science journalism is crucial for helping people to understand the scientific process"

We asked Cathleen O'Grady about her journalistic journey and her best tips for freelancers:

1. Why did you decide to become a journalist?

I decided to become a science journalist because I think careful science journalism is crucial for helping people to understand the scientific process—something that has never been more important than it is now, in a world facing threats like climate change and pandemics. I hope to write fascinating and nuanced stories about how society uses scientific evidence to make important decisions.

2. What's your best tip(s) for freelance journalists?

Find and follow journalists whose work you admire; read/watch/listen to what they produce, and pay attention to how they structure their stories, what kinds of voices they include, and where they publish.

3. Why did you become a member of TSM and what has your experience been like so far?

A number of fellow freelancers recommended TSM to me, and it seemed like a great service. I really like the idea that my work could reach a broader audience. I'm also very impressed with the level of service offered by TSM staff, who have been incredibly helpful and quick to answer my questions.

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