How to find quality content for your publication

by Hiba Naeem

With social media applications mushrooming each day, finding quality content has become painstakingly difficult, especially one that matches your publication's vibe, overall content generation and is a perfect fit for your website or any other media form. Therefore, we at The Story Market have compiled the most recommended means to find great content for your platform.

Why use freelance content?

But, and perhaps rightly so too, the question that arises is why prefer freelance material and journalists over regular writers or means. This is why we look at some major pros of hiring them:

  1. Better social engagement: in our content-driven economies, it is critical that one makes use of all the available resources that derive high social engagement and readership. Today, freelance reporting has taken great strides in how it captures the audience. As more reporters are now opting for it, better content is more readily available and generated through different platforms.
  2. Flexibility: without a limitation of time and location, freelancers can aid in the reduction of production costs as the workplace becomes remote and schedules become more flexible
  3. Desired expertise: as more information is rapidly distributed through the internet and e-forums, expertise over a particular subject becomes ever exceedingly crucial for publications that aim to provide content that is both authentic and credible in its sources.
  4. Distinct perspective: freelance writers can provide a fresh pair of eyes to previous content that might have exhausted its tone or material.
How to find quality content for your publication

Where to look for the content?

As mentioned earlier, both the digital platforms and the subject available there has increased immensely over time. While this makes the search and filtering process only trickier, there are also some tips that can make you, the publisher, find content suitable for your production. LinkedIn or Twitter as well as Fiverr or Upwork are  such forums where both material and contacts can be accessed to build your publication or connection within the freelancing industry. However, these too come with their own drawbacks. Firstly, one has to be cautious about accessing the content and people as the digital world becomes increasingly ambiguous in its use. And secondly, it can take up quite some time to find the perfect fit of a freelance writer and build a well functioning work relationship with the outcome you'd wish for. This is where The Story Market comes in.

How can we @The Story Market help you?

Emerging as one of the most innovative start-ups in the journalism industry, TSM has connected the most prestigious publications with high-quality freelance journalists through its platform. So, if you are an editor or a publication seeking unique but authentic content at an affordable price with minimum procedural delays, think licensing, translation or even copyrights, then you have come to the right place.  With journalists contributing to prominent papers like The New York Time or magazines like National Geographic, we provide access to a vast genre of content like tech, lifestyle, politics and scientific research with freelance writers who are well-sought for their expertise. Finally, if you like what you have learned so far about us but would want to understand more about how TSM can help you with syndication and connecting with journalists, we recommend signing up for a publisher account on The Story Market website. Still hesitant?  Maybe take a look at this recent report on how The Story Market was appointed as Media Innovator of 2021.

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