How to find great freelance journalists for your publication

by Vanessa Plentinger

While there are countless talented journalists and freelance writers out there, it’s not always easy to get in touch with one that perfectly matches your story idea for your magazine, newspaper, or website. But we’ve got your back and are here to help you hire the best journalists!

Why work with freelance writers?

It obviously has many advantages to have an experienced editorial staff that knows the outlet, its topics, structure, and all the associated workflows by heart. Nevertheless does hiring freelance journalists for unique articles or even the larger part of your content involves at least as many benefits, e.g.:

  1. Even though their rates are often higher you can save a lot of time and money. You don’t have to be as concerned about taxes, insurances and monthly paychecks as you would be for a staff member.

  2. Freelance journalists are more than used to flexible working hours, traveling for work and meeting deadlines. This allows you to hire them for laborious articles that might require research in another country and that couldn’t be tackled by an employee.

  3. Sometimes staff writers who have been working for the same publication for a long time get stuck in their routines and tend to propose similar story concepts again and again. Whereas a freshly hired freelance journalist can bring along new innovative ideas that will lift your content to a new level.

Where to search for freelancers

A good starting point for your search would be your own network. Via social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn, their own websites or email addresses you can get in touch with former colleagues, employees or business contacts who might be freelancers now. Working with and trusting somebody you already know can be easier than with a stranger. But there are also several other databases and platforms where you can hire freelance journalists like or Upwork. Even though those websites can have reviews or rating systems it might still be hard to find a perfect match for your publication. So let us make an offer you can’t refuse...

How to find great freelance journalists for your publication

Hire a freelance journalist via The Story Market

We’re in the midst of building a vast international community of the best freelance journalists. Our online marketplace allows them to resell their previously published articles to high-quality outlets from all over the world. So, next time you’re searching for a freelancer for an original story, maybe one of our members has already written a similar article for The New York Times or The Guardian and is ready to share it with you via The Story Market. If that isn't the case we will be happy to connect you with the right journalist, who has been vetted by our team and will bring your story to life.

Contacting freelance journalists

Whether you want to hire a freelance journalist from The Story Market or another platform try to be as detailed about the job as possible. Freelancers are often working on several projects and have to coordinate them in order to meet all the deadlines and expectations. Plus: They can decide if they find an article idea fascinating and if they want to implement it. So make sure to describe all the essential facts about your publications, requirements, content, and time frames. You can find some helpful tips for a great job proposal here!. Having a good start will always lead to an even better collaboration and the results you wish for.

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