Content Syndication: How to license and republish articles from The New York Times, The Guardian, Forbes and more

by Vanessa Plentinger

With all the fake news and wannabe journalism roaming around, it might be more critical than ever for publishers to ensure the quality of the content they share in their outlets. One way to do so: Let the staff editors write in-depth and well-researched articles. But because of regular budget cutbacks and at the same time having to produce as much content as possible this becomes more and more unrealistic. So, how does licensing and republishing articles from renown outlets like The New York Times, National Geographic or Der Spiegel sound to you?

Rethinking journalism with content syndication

For media outlets that can look back on a long publishing history, it might feel wrong to simply republish articles.  We're not suggesting that nobody should ever publish unique content again, maybe just understand syndication as a valuable addition, especially when the licensed articles stem from exclusive publications like The New York Times or Scientific American. There the list of advantages gets pretty long:

  1. Saving time and manpower as the syndicated content has already been edited by a professional team.
  2. Remaining within budget as the cost for licenses are considerably lower than for a totally new article.
  3. The certainty to share quality content on your publication's website or in the print issues that is important and relevant for your readership.
  4. Supporting talented and hard working freelance journalists as they can make some additional income per sold license and reach a broader, even international audience.

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Buy the latest content from high-profile outlets like The New York Times via The Story Market

If you're up for content syndication you could obviously try and establish your own network of freelance journalists or partnerships with other outlets in order to buy licenses for their stories. Though, this can be very time-consuming and require several rounds of negotiation, a lot of contracts and payment transactions. And that's exactly why The Story Market has been founded: We offer publishers easy access to the latest top-articles from international outlets like The New York Times, Forbes or The Economist and freelance journalists at a fair price. At the same time we'll be taking care of all the demanding administrative tasks like contracts and payments. Start your free membership now and enjoy all the benefits of international content syndication.

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