How The Story Market works for publishers

Our mission is to support international outlets with their editorial work and to ensure the quality of journalism. Therefore, The Story Market offers the latest and most relevant articles written by top journalists from all around the world. Find out about the huge advantages of syndicating articles here:

  1. Where can I sign up?
    You can choose your membership and sign up here!

  2. I just signed up to The Story Market. What should I do next?
    One of our team members will get in touch with you shortly. You can also begin filling out your personal profile. By properly representing yourself not only as an employee of your company but also as a person, you’re helping build trust in The Story Market community. Everyone wants to work with someone they can relate to.

  3. How do I find suitable articles for my publication?
    You can use various filters like category, topics, story type or date of original publication to filter our great supply of articles on our marketplace and find exactly what you are searching for.
    We add all the important information about the story as well as the availability of the accompanying pictures to every listed article.
    Or let us do the work for you and sign up for our “Weekly Picks” here. After that you’ll receive an email with new staff picked articles every week!

  4. What about the exclusivity of the articles?
    Buying an article via our marketplace means you’ll receive the license to publish the article in your outlet’s language. But some original publications also own the right to syndicate, which means we cant guarantee exclusivity from their side. You’ll find the exact conditions stated on every listing. 

  5. How does The Story Market guarantee the quality of journalists on the platform?
    The Story Market is a marketplace for quality journalism. To ensure that every single journalist meets our quality criteria, we put in place a multi-step vetting process. TThis includes an assessment of the work history and writing quality. We also want to ensure that no reporter steals someone else's identity, which is why we ask for ID proof.

  6. How does the pricing of the articles work?
    The journalists can set the price. At the same time our own algorithm calculates a price based on criteria such as the length of the piece or the original publication. For every article, we suggest the calculated price to the journalists. This is why we have a vast price range between about €40-600.

  7. How do I pay?
    The Story Market handles payments via the payment platform Mangopay, a branch of the French bank Credit Mutuel, that has  recently been nominated as “Best E-payment solution in Germany”. This is in order to follow European jurisdiction regarding anti-money-laundering efforts. You’ll find more information on that matter here
    You can pay via credit card or bank transfer. Both times the full article will be accessible instantly.
    After every order, you will receive a standardized invoice for the article you have licensed. If you have chosen payment via bank transfer, the corresponding bank account will stay the same no matter if you license articles from a journalist in the US, Sweden or Zimbabwe.

  8. Am I allowed to edit the articles?
    Yes! As the articles have to be translated and adapted to another language most of the time, some editing will be necessary. As a way to respect the journalists work, we recommend contacting him/her, whenever you want to edit bigger parts of the story.

  9. Do you also offer a translation service?
    Absolutely! We collaborate with a pool of experienced translating journalists, who will deliver the story ready to publish in your language within about 48 hours. Whenever you buy an article you can instantly order a translation or use this application form.

  10. Can I commission a story?
    Yes, very soon. We're working on a gigs service. As soon as it has been launched, you will be able to click the HIRE button on an article's page or a journalist's profile. You can then contact the journalist and send a proposal. We'll inform you via email whenthe service is up and running.

  11. Can I work directly with a freelancer and not use the platform?
    Sending or receiving payment directly is considered circumvention, and is a violation of The Story Market's Terms & Conditions unless an opt-out fee is paid or one year has passed since the freelancer or publisher has deleted their account on the platform. Of course, this doesn't apply to your own contacts that you have had from before and didn't establish through The Story Market.
    Whether you’re a freelancer or a client, you can be assured that contracts made through The Story Market are safe, timely, and hassle-free. That’s because The Story Market requires all payments to go through the platform and offers moderation when issues occur.
    If a freelancer suggests that you initiate a payment or hire them outside of The Story Market, report it to us immediately. Our staff will investigate and take appropriate action.

  12. Why should I keep all correspondence on The Story Market?
    By communicating on the platform, you give us a better chance of providing great customer support in case there are any misunderstandings about the scope of the project you agreed upon.

  13. How does the review system work?
    Whenever you buy an article, you are able to leave a review after the process is completed. The review is based on a five-star scale, and you have the option to leave a comment, which will appear on the journalist's profile. When deciding who to work with or license articles from, you’re also able to leverage all the other publishers’ reviews on the platform.

We’re really looking forward to having you on board our mission to revolutionize journalism! :)

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