How The Story Market works for freelance journalists

We help freelance writers to resell their already published stories to major foreign-language publications. That way they can generate additional income and reach more readers. “How?”, you might ask. Here are the answers to all your questions about The Story Market:

  1.  How can I become a member of The Story Market?
    In the first step, you would sign up here. After that, we'll approve your profile within 24 hours.

  2.  Why does The Story Market verify each journalist?
    The Story Market is a marketplace for quality journalism. We need to ensure that every single journalist meets our quality criteria. We also want to ensure that no one steals someone else's identity.

  3.  How does the verification process work?
    After you sign up…
    1. We will review your portfolio, using your name and e-mail ID.
    2. We will check where your articles have been published so far.
    3. We will evaluate the quality of your writing.
    4. As a final step, we will ask you to provide us with a copy of your ID or passport. Are you really who you claim to be? ;)

  4.  I just signed up to The Story Market. What should I do next?

    To help you get started, check out this video explaining how to set up your profile and sell your first article in just 15 minutes! 

    Alternatively, you can also get started by following these steps: 
    Fill out your personal profile to be discovered by publishers. After logging in click on the top right of the page on your name and then on DASHBOARD. Start with...
    - Uploading a profile pic
    - Filling out your profile under EDIT MY PROFILE
    - Enhancing your public profile by adding a bio under EDIT MY BIO
    - Adding your bank details under MY BANK INFORMATION where you will receive your money for every
      sale you make

    - Uploading your first article by clicking on the button ADD AN ARTICLE on the top right

  5. What aspects of my profile are most important for publishers when deciding whether to buy my article(s) or commission me?
    Having a professional picture and personal description is invaluable. These are often the first things publishers will see. Your past work is extremely important which is why we encourage to upload as many articles as possible. It is important that your and your articles’ beats, location, and languages are up to date. Think of your profile as an evolving, visual resume.

  6. I have moved to a different city or country. Do I have to update my profile?
    Yes, please! Publishers do often search for freelancers based on their location. So it is important to keep that information up-to-date.

  7. How do I find out if I have the rights to resell my articles?
    Reselling your articles for republication depends on the signed agreement with a publisher. There are three ways to find that out:
    1. Check your agreements. Our blog post can be of help.
    2. Ask your editor about your rights.
    3. Send over any contracts you would like us to check and our team has a look at clauses around copyright or an embargo period. For free, of course!

  8. Which kind of articles sell best?
    We syndicate all kinds of stories that are not breaking news and not too local. They should appeal to an international audience that can range from a story about a war-torn country all the way to how AI is changing the world/our societies.. We focus more on in-depth writing or stories providing background information. Interviews, features, reports... all is fine, only columns are a difficult sale as long as you are not Elon Musk. ;)
    Editors of course look at the publication date and we have sold articles that were up to one year old. There is no time limit as such as for example if you did the last interview with Michael Jackson before he died, this will be still relevant.

  9. How can I list articles on my profile?
    Every week you'll receive an email with a list of articles by you we found online that have been published in established outlets. We will suggest a price and ask for your approval as well as the embargo period of that specific publication.With your approval, our team will upload the stories within a couple of days. This way there is not too much work for you involved.
    You can at any time upload articles manually if you have articles that got published in print. If we missed an online story, feel free to send us the URL. Keep in mind, syndication is a long-term game. The more articles you have uploaded, the higher your chances are of an editor discovering and buying your stories.
    Please make sure to add every requested information (e.g.length, pictures, special conditions). This helps the publishers to find your articles easier and might reinforce there willingness to buy. :)

  10. How do I know that publishers won’t steal my stories?
    When signing up to The Story Market platform, publishers agree to the clause that the content you submit is yours until a commission or sale of an existing article occurs. If you suspect that someone has stolen your article, please email us at and we will immediately investigate on that.

  11. Who sets the price for my article?
    You do! At the same time, we have developed a special algorithm that takes many different factors like the length of the piece or the original publication into account and will make suggestions for the pricing of your every article. At the moment the prices for one language license range between €40-600 on our marketplace. After it has been uploaded, the price as well as all the other information about your article can be changed at any time.

  12. How do I get paid?
    Hassle-free and on-time. We are working with the payment provider Mangopay which allows us to send money throughout the world. Your compensation will be transferred directly into your bank account latest 30 days after an order.
    For every article you sell you will receive an invoice that is automatically generated by us and for you. It is important, that you provide your bank details and personal information. You should also review every invoice and get in contact with us at if it needs to be corrected.

  13. Mangopay – Why does The Story Market use this payment-provider?
    It’s likely that you haven’t heard of Mangopay before as it’s rather used as a B2B payment service. But they have just recently been nominated as “Best E-payment solution in Germany”. :)
    As an European startup, we are not allowed to accept payments directly and hence have to work with a payment provider that acts as a trust fund. The underlying reasons are anti-money-laundering efforts by the European Union. You can read more about it here
    This is why we are working with Mangopay to transfer payments, a branch of the French bank Credit Mutuel. Unfortunately, Mangopay still doesn't offer Paypal as a payout method but we have requested it.

  14. Why can't I invoice the client off-platform?
    Sales or projects commissioned on The Story Market need to be paid via The Story Market. This ensures that you receive your guaranteed rate within 30 days and also that the service we provide to you can continue. The sales fee we take from freelancers helps to run this business. And always remember, if we wanted to become rich, we wouldn't work in journalism ;)

  15. Why do you need to check my ID?
    Before we can issue the payout for your latest sales, we are obliged by EU regulation to verify your identity. If you haven't done so far, please send us over your ID or a link where we can download it. If you are a citizen from a country outside of the EU, a passport is required. For EU citizens an ID is fine as well as for users from the UK, USA, and Canada who can also send us a drivers license. 
    You can find more info about the KYC regulation also on our payment provider’s website. Please be aware that we cannot pay out any funds without your ID!

  16. Can I work directly with a publisher and not use the platform?
    Sending or receiving payment with any contact you know from our platform directly is considered circumvention. It is a violation of The Story Market's Terms & Conditions unless an opt-out fee is paid or one year has passed since the freelancer or publisher have deleted their account on the platform. Of course, this doesn't apply to your own contacts you have had from before and didn't establish through The Story Market.
    Whether you’re a freelancer or a client, you can be assured that contracts made through The Story Market are safe, timely, and hassle-free. That’s because The Story Market requires all payments to go through our platform and offers mediation when issues occur.
    If a publisher suggests that you accept a payment or wants to hire you outside of The Story Market, report it to us immediately. Our staff will investigate and take appropriate action.

  17. Why should I keep the conversation on the platform?
    Any communication that happens off the platform isn’t bound by our Terms of Services. By communicating on the platform, you can rely on us providing support, in case there is any misunderstanding about a license or the scope of a project that a publisher commissions. If you feel there is something off about your communications, please email us at

  18. Why should I keep all correspondence on The Story Market?
    By communicating on the platform, you give us a better chance of providing great customer support in case there are any misunderstandings about the scope of the project you agreed upon.

  19.  Is the publication that bought my article allowed to edit it?
    Yes! Mostly because they or one of our translating journalists will have to translate and adapt the text to another language most of the time. Still, you can always add any notes concerning the editing for the publishers when you upload your article to The Story Market and even get in contact with them.

  20. How does the review system work?
    Whenever someone licenses your article, you are able to leave a review after the process is completed. The review is based on a five-star scale, and you have the option to leave a comment, which will appear on the publisher's profile. When deciding who to work with, you’re also able to leverage all the other journalists’ reviews on the platform.

  21. Can also get hired by publications for new original stories via The Story Market?
    Yes, very soon! We’re currently working on our service for gigs and will inform all our members about it as soon as we’re launching it.

  22. What costs does becoming a member of The Story Market involve?
    None! Becoming a member comes at no cost to you. All of our services such as uploading articles and checking contracts are for free.  Whenever a publisher buys one of your stories for their language region, you'll get notified and the funds will be sent to your account within 30 days from which we will deduct a sales fee of 30%.

And now, we would be delighted to welcome you to our growing community of high-class international journalists! :)

For any additional questions, feel free reach out to!