Freelance Journalism: Expectations Versus Reality

Pov: you are lying on a hammock, somewhere on a sandy beach on a tropical island, making 1000$ a day. Such might be the expectations for freelance journalism beginners. While sipping piña coladas as you work on a journalistic piece may seem likely, it is also critical to keep such expectations in check with reality bites. Whether you are a veteran journalist considering a transition to freelancing or a beginner looking for insider tips on how to start a career as a freelance journalist, you will find this post equally useful as we at The Story Market look at some common expectations from a freelance journalist job.

Working as a freelance writer: Salary, rates & income

Thinking about starting a career as a freelance journalist? Great, we're here to support you! While there are many different things to consider, we all know  money makes the world – or in this case, your life :D – go round. Hence, we'll answer all you questions about freelance writers' salary, the common rates for contributors, and how you can even increase your overall income.

How to become a freelance journalist

Writing whenever wherever you want and only about the topics you're really interested in – Sounds like a dream come true? Then you should consider striving for a career as a freelance journalist. But be aware that with great freedom comes great responsibility and sometimes insecurity. Not only once will your income be irregular and you'll have to work hard to prevail against all the other talented freelance writers. If you still want to continue reading, we're know 100 percent sure that you've got it in you to be freelancing in journalism. Check out our tips to achieve your creative goals!

How to pitch an article to The Guardian or New York Times

With all the uncertainty and the chaos accompanying the Coronavirus crisis, it is hard to maintain a cool head, much less think about the long-term. But as always, life must go on and the life of a freelancer is certainly not an easy one as it is. The aim of this guide is to give freelancers a clearer picture of about one of the most important aspects of freelance journalism: pitching. Pitching is a much-dreaded word among many freelancers and not for nothing. It takes a lot of effort to build a captivating pitch and even then it might end being rejected. However, rejection is an indispensable part of freelancer life and it is imperative to find a way to write a perfect pitch.

How to syndicate an article

International content syndication is an avenue that often goes unexplored by freelance journalists. Whether it is due to a lack of awareness or a lack of enthusiasm due to the prevalence of various hurdles is debatable. Still, syndication is a gold mine waiting to be explored by freelance journalists. More readership from across the world, a supplementary income and an enhanced reputation from worldwide exposure: it is indeed an enticing prospect. But as many might wonder, what exactly is international content syndication?