Payment methods

The Story Market handles payments via the payment platform Mangopay for an easy and safe payment process.

While we recommend to pay via credit card, you can also use bank transfer. Both ways the full article will be accessible instantly. The Story Market handles payments via the payment platform Mangopay, a branch of the French bank Credit Mutuel, that has recently been nominated as “Best E-payment solution in Germany”. Mangopay allows us to work with freelancers and publications in Kenya, India, Chile, and many more countries that are not covered by Stripe or Paypal. You’ll find more information here.

After every order, you will receive a standardized invoice for the article you have licensed. If you have chosen payment via bank transfer, the corresponding bank account will remain the same no matter if you license articles from a journalist in the US, Sweden or Kenya. Please make sure to use the wire reference mentioned on the invoice or also in your order overview.

Please pay your open invoices within 14 days after the purchase.

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