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Our crawler and team will help you put your stories up for sale in no time.

We have developed our own crawler that searches the web for all the articles written by you every night. Whenever it finds one that is considered suitable for syndication, you will receive a notification via email. In the members' area, we will recommend a price and ask for the embargo period of that specific publication and your consent to upload the article. With your approval, our team will upload the stories within a couple of days. This way, there is not too much work for you involved!

If we miss an online story, you can also add the URL to our crawler. You can upload articles manually to your profile at any time if you have stories that got published in print. Keep in mind; syndication is a long-term game. The more articles you have uploaded, the higher the chances an editor will discover your stories.

Please make sure to add every additional information (e.g., info about pictures, special conditions) and important notes in the editing mode of your articles. You can adapt all of your listing's details like price and images in your settings at any time.

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