Getting paid

Earn an additional income by reselling your stories effortlessly through our marketplace.

We are working with the payment provider Mangopay which allows us to send money worldwide. Your compensation will be transferred directly into your bank account latest 14 days after the client has transferred the money to us.

For every article you sell, you will receive an invoice automatically generated by us and for you. It is essential that as one of the first steps after signing up, you provide your seller information. You should also review every invoice and get in contact with us at within 48 hours if it needs to be corrected.

Please make sure that your bank allows you to receive international transactions directly and in Euro. If this is not the case, an easy fix would be to open a free Wise account. Unfortunately, we can't pay you out via Paypal.

Any sale on The Story Market needs to be paid via The Story Market. This ensures that you receive your guaranteed rate within 14 days after the client has issued the payment and also that the service we provide to you can continue. The sales fee we take from freelancers helps to run this business. And always remember, if we wanted to become rich, we wouldn't work in journalism ;)

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