First steps for Publishers

The following steps will help you set up your profile and license your first article via our marketplace.
  1. Browse the marketplace, discover thousands of stories from different corners of the world. You will also receive hand-picked suggestions from our staff on your feed.
  2. Buy your first article by clicking on the one you are interested in and selecting the language and medium you need on the right next to the article image. You can also order a translation that you will receive within 48 hours. If you’re ready for the check-out, go to your cart and add your banking information. You can pay by credit card or bank wire (within 14 days). As soon as you confirm your order, you will receive an invoice as well as the original article text ready for republication. You can review your order history any time. Please always check the corresponding information to every listed article, like the “licensable from date” or special notes.
  3. Set up your story preferences like categories, topics, or publications you're interested in, as well as the length, story types, or price limit you prefer. This way, you help our AI to suggest even more meaningful articles for your publication.
  4. Fill out your personal profile: By properly representing yourself not only as an employee of your company but also as a person, you’re helping build trust in The Story Market community. Everyone wants to work with someone they can relate to.
  5. Save articles you might be interested in via the little heart button. You can also save journalists’ profiles if you like their work and want to know whenever they add new stories.
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