First steps for Journalists

After you have signed up, please follow these steps to start your reselling journey on The Story Market.
  1. Set your seller information to ensure your articles go live and our clients can buy them. After logging in, click on the top right of the page on your name and then on Seller Information.
  2. Check your contracts to determine which articles you can resell under which conditions (e.g., embargo periods). Our blog post can help, or you can send over any agreements you would like us to look into.
  3. Upload your first articles by submitting the URLs to our crawler or adding the text manually (e.g., if a story only appeared in print). For the first option, you will receive listing suggestions where you can set a price and embargo period. Our team will do the rest. You can always edit your listed articles and add more information that a potential buyer needs to know.
  4. Set your crawling settings, so our bot can find your stories online. Thereby you can inform the crawler about publications that allow or don’t allow you to resell your work. Again, you will receive suggestions whenever we find a new story that you can accept or deny
  5. Complete your public profile by adding all the information (e.g., references, social media, etc.) about yourself and your work that will be visible to our customers.
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